Friday, June 18, 2010

We Bloggin'

At long last, we've hit the blogosphere. From what I can tell, travel blogging is a niche market that is virtually untapped, so we're here to fill the void..... Okay, so that's not true and maybe we're not the first travel blogging couple, but we might be the tallest. Anyways, good to have you on board.

Why a blog? Quite simply, fame and fortune. In a perfect world, the blog would be the medium that lands us a lucrative couple's modelling contract during or upon completion of our trip. (This picture from a couple of years back - us passionately staring at a lamp across the room, no jokes - will serve as picture number one in our modelling portfolio.) Failing that, hopefully the blog will allow those people who have expressed an interest in our trip (hi Moms!!) to follow along on their own schedule, provide us with a creative outlet and give us something to look back upon when we're finally home.

I can't predict what form the blog will ultimately take, though I imagine there will be some sarcasm and the occasional random pop culture reference. Perhaps the blog will largely be a summary of our adventures and destinations, or maybe it will turn into a collection of personal thoughts and observations while on the road. Either way, I'm committed to keeping it going until our mini-laptop is lost, broken or stolen, or until I get bored ... whichever comes first.

My hope is that the quality of the blog and posts will improve over time. As many of you know, this is my initial foray into the world of social networking and I find myself pretty far down the learning curve at this juncture. However, in the immortal words of Herm Edwards, "WE CAN BUILD ON THIS!!" (Editor's note: I fully appreciate, as has been pointed out by some friends, that it is somewhat hypocritical of me to willingly blog about our life and travels when I have always been staunchly anti-Facebook due to privacy concerns. I don't have a good justification. I still will not be Facebooking.)

Comments and followers, assuming I figure out how to turn those features on, make it look like we have friends (we do, and we'll miss them), will be good motivation to keep the posts coming, and probably will help attract the modelling agencies, so feel free to say hello from time to time or introduce yourself. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you enjoy following along on our adventure.


  1. Post cards. Yes we'd like those !!! 37 Christie Estates Heath SW Calgary AB T3H 2Z5. We'll save them for 35 years and then give them back to you!!! .... in good condition :)

  2. Stoked the hear about the travels, and that you are in blogworld. I'll also put my feelers out for your next (modeling) career. Make sure to post the stellar mid three week trek without shower in humid weather images so I can send them to my contacts! Oh and did I say I would miss you? Yeah, well that too! (I'm totally calling before you leave.) Maybe I should reserve a time?!?

  3. Big up to the two of you! It's great that you took the leap so quickly. Have a blast, and if you pass through Belize on your travels, you know where we are!

  4. YAY - you two are going to have so much fun - i know it! please drink a lot of wine for me while in south america. I think that is the most important part of this trip!
    You are awesome!

  5. Thanks everyone. Ashley, if I am still on a trek three weeks after it started, I am lost and you have my permission to call for help. Keltie, I'll make sure we squeeze in a glass or two.

  6. Welcome to the post-legal world! Congrats on quitting & deciding to travel and I look forward to following you as you embark upon your adventures. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll.

    Best of luck & safe travels,