Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Long Goodbye

After several weeks spent planning and saying goodbye to friends and family, we are finally off tomorrow morning. Obligatory packing contents photo below:

Some planning highlights: I opted for no jeans over jeans, Tevas over running shoes and a buzzcut over that Justin Bieber 'do I had been considering. Kristin opted for an equal number of technical pieces and "cute tops". Our riskiest item? My pair of white boxer shorts. Our most trustworthy? All things Icebreaker (and since we've already spent a not insignificant portion of our life savings on their apparel, we would gladly accept some sponsorship dollars or a modelling contract with Icebreaker in return for this bit of free advertising - spread the word).

We're as fit as we've been in a while. Kristin can currently race up about 1000 stairs without getting tired and I have been back spasm free since Saturday. In two months, I predict that Kristin will be able to race up about 1500 stairs without getting tired and that my body will begin to resemble a pear as I lose muscle and sample new types of beer.

To the many people that have wished us well on our journey, we are truly thankful for your support. The excitement we are feeling to finally hit the road is tempered only by the degree to which we will miss those close to us (and the weight of our packs). Thankfully, we are well-equipped for staying in touch and Kristin is a world-class emailer and Facebooker.

AdiĆ³s, and catch you on the flip side (and feel free to give yourself a pat on the back if you caught the double meaning in the post's title).


  1. All you really need are some dollar bills! (and ziplock bags) PS you two are way too organized! Have fun! xo

  2. Jason (aka Borky)July 8, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    Words cannot describe how incredibly jealous I am of you guys. Keep your blog updated regularly so that those of us who are working away in our 12x12 offices can live vicariously through you!

  3. Ashley, we were preparing for South America, not a strip club. Thanks, Borky.